Terence Davis, CEO Great Music Studio.

Terence has written songs and jingles for Coca-Cola, Disney, National Lampoon, TBS, Mega Blocks, GE, and earned a nomination for the prestigious Ovation Award for Sound Design for the studio's work on the stage production of "Sideman" in 2004. He received an honorable mention from ASCAP and is reknown in the industry as a creative visionary and consumate professional.

Great Music - A legacy of Fun and Creativity. Terence started Great Music, Inc. in 1998 as a supplier of audio for the toy industry. He then expanded his enterprise to include songs, jingles & sound design for Radio, TV, theater & Film. He played a role in the development of musical toys that use the audio IC chip that give toys and games the ability to inexpensively play sound. Over 50 million toys have been sold using music he created. Contact Terence.